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One indicator
to rule them all

Our indicator combines robust fundamentals with the power of
AI for one-of-a-kind long-term profit potential.

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Add depth to your own
technical analysis

Our TradingView indicator pinpoints optimal strategies for assets and timeframes,
ensuring precision in buy-sell decisions for peak profits.

Save 1,000s of hours
Analyze less, trust the indicator, and spend your time making moves that matter.
Timing is everything
Eliminate hesitation in your trades and improve your timing with our reliable signals.
Always improving
Actively developed all the time to better serve our traders.
Cumulative profits
Track your earnings
Effortlessly track progress with our dashboard-complete
data for informed decisions at your fingertips
13 - 06 - 2023
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Extra indicator overlays
Enhance signals with external indicators for added
confirmation, maximizing accuracy in your trades.

Synced to TradingView

CryptoSea is a premium indicator available on TradingView.
You can begin in just a few minutes by logging into your existing TradingView account or creating a new one and linking it to your CryptoSea account.

Why CryptoSea

Beat these crypto trading solutions

Replace quick methods below with sustainable long-term
crypto trading solutions based on actual innovation over
years of painstaking research.
Trading on trends
All markets self-correct and end their trends, meaning long-term solutions like our crypto indicator can beat short-term strategies.
Stacking multiple indicators
We tested popular indicators and ran millions of simulations so you don’t cloud your chart with too many indicators.
Using lagging indicators
With over 95% of indicators lagging due to historical data, actions get delayed, affecting your chances of a good entry.
Customer Support

Support for all crypto trading skill levels

We’re proud to provide clear, timely communication of reliable solutions for all questions along your crypto journey.


What successful
traders say

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John Lumakang
I couldn't be more pleased with CryptoSea, best bot trading AI that I used in the market. Helped me increase my digital portfolio.
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Cooper Lynes avatar
Cooper Lynes
Their help center is really helpful, found the things I was looking for.
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Stefan avatar
Time and time again when something is not clear, I am helped by the costumer support with clear explanations of what I should or should not do by helpful people. Thank you for always helping me!
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Hichem Hamdani avatar
Hichem Hamdani
Love CryptoSea's layout! Super intuitive. Though, I wish they'd add more altcoins.
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I had trouble positioning the bot, but the support team fixed it in minutes. Excellent service!
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Vhayne Davies avatar
Vhayne Davies
Found a small bug in the platform, reported it, and they fixed it fast. Shows they listen to users
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Dmitry Dmitrieva avatar
Dmitry Dmitrieva
Best and trusted crypto platform
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Harold Turno
Easy to use and user-friendly!
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Pedro Sanchez avatar
Pedro Sanchez
I have mixed feelings about CryptoSea. While the customer support is helpful, the bot itself doesn't always generate consistent profits. It has its good days and bad days. I hope they can make it more reliable in the future.
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Jayson Nicor avatar
Jayson Nicor
CryptoSea's API integration was a bit difficult to set up, but works seamlessly once you get it going.
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Charles Piers
I appreciate the regular system updates from CryptoSea. Happy client!
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Fau Serrano avatar
Fau Serrano
The bot is performing as expected. I started with a bit of drawdown, but now I am making profit.
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Great performance so far! You don't need to put in any effort regarding conduct research or knowledge about trading crypto. You can lean back and watch your account balance grow over the years.
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I’ve used a number of different trading bots but all of them have been pretty bad, until I found CryptoSea. Finally a bot that does more than just pump and dump coins. CryptoSea is the best crypto trading bot I’ve ever used.
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Simon Shamailov
Easy to get going and the bot activates trades right away. Happy with the returns so far!
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Carl D.
I've tried a few trading bots before, but CryptoSea is by far the best. It's easy to use, profitable, and the customer support is excellent. Highly recommend!
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Gabrielle Ceneta avatar
Gabrielle Ceneta
Love CryptoSea's Discord community. It's more than just trading; it's like having a bunch of friends who are into the same stuff. Really makes the whole experience more enjoyable.
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Arthur Posey
Their referral program is pretty cool. Got a few friends to join and we all got some perks. Nice touch, CryptoSea.
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Arvi Binanitan
As a newbie in crypto, I really needed a tool looking at charts in a simpler way. Plus the automation is perfect! Portfolio's been up since the day I joined.
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Moo Al-Anany
CryptoSea is a new trading platform that promises to make you money by using an advanced trading algorithm. There is no need of full understanding of crypto since the AI does the work for you!
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Ayu Permata Sari avatar
Ayu Permata Sari
My first time with friends buying a crypto and have a wallet.
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J Jasper
Top product. Easy to set up. Great pricing as well


How does this crypto trading indicator work?
It uses an advanced AI-enhanced algorithm that tests market conditions, identifies high-probability Risk-Reward trade ideas using past data, and determines the best strategies focusing on consistency and good Risk-Reward ratios.
What coins does this indicator support?
It works with any crypto pair, but we suggest using Bitcoin for stable returns and high-cap altcoins for higher risk/return.
Can the indicator be used on any exchange?
Yes, it is versatile and can be used on any exchange. Users only need to enter their TradingView username in their CryptoSea account for access.
How does the indicator handle high-risk options?
It maximizes short and long-term gains under all market conditions, and supports both long and short trades, enhancing its versatility regardless of market conditions.
Does the indicator prioritize long-term or short-term trading?
It prioritizes long-term gains, being a reliable source of increased profit over time.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Absolutely, 100% within 3 days, and you can cancel at any time.