How to create API keys



1. Go to Bybit.

Log in or create a new account on


2. Open API dashboard.

Hover over the profile icon on the top right corner, then click API:



3. Click “Create New Key”:


Note! You must enable 2FA to be able to add API keys.

If you see this dialog, click “Confirm”:

Click “Google 2FA Authentication” and follow Bybit’s instructions to enable 2FA:



4. Change to “Connect to Third-Party Applications” and choose “CryptoSea”

in the drop-down list:



6. Select permissions.

It depends on what market you want to trade on.

If you want to trade on both SPOT and Futures (USDT and Invers.), you need to select “Read-Write” option, in Contract section “Orders” and “Positions”:

Don’t change other settings.

If you want to trade only on SPOT or Futures, you need to choose only permissions from the related section.


7. Click “Submit”:



8. Copy API Key and API Secret somewhere safe or don’t close this window:




9. Connect Bybit to CryptoSea using received API keys:


10. Click “Connect”


That’s it! You have added your Bybit account!