How much profits do I make?

Backtested in the past few years, the CryptoSea bot generates a passive income of 60-70% on annual basis. Of course, with the compounding effect it can be even higher.

Where will my funds be stored?

CryptoSea is not a trading platform and does not store or trade any of your fiat/crypto funds. You deposit them to the third-party exchange platform, where our algorithm is going to execute its trades.

What makes you better than other trading bots?

The revolutionary part of CryptoSea is that even in the most volatile markets, our bot still maintains long-term profitability. The bot only enters trades with a high percentage of success and adjusts the strategy to ensure profits even during market volatility.

Do I have to trade myself or conduct a prior research about crypto?

No. You don’t need to put in any effort researching or learning about trading crypto. All trades will be placed 100% automatically. You only need to install the bot and watch your balance grow over the years.

How can I be sure the bot is not outdated?

The market behaviour changes over time and because of that, we’re updating the algorithm every quarter, if needed. Our world-class developers are constantly analyzing the algorithmic script to improve the performance based on newest market trends.

What is the minimum amount to invest?

The minimum required amount to start with is $1000. This ensures that you have a sufficient amount for our bot to execute all trades. Regardless of the position size, this way you will always cover ByBit’s minimum requirement for a trade and maintain a reasonable ROI.

How soon can I withdraw my profits?

You are in full control of your money, held on the third-party exchange platform. You can withdraw your funds anytime you wish. There are no restrictions from our side.