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Can I trust it?

Most people are skeptical of trading bots, which is totally understandable. We have back tested this algorithm for the last few years with remarkable outcomes.

How can a bot trade if the market is unpredictable?

Our bot is resistant to all market circumstances. If the market is going up or down, the bot makes money.

Is there any risk?

There will always be risk involved when you are investing. CryptoSea does not get involved in risky trades, but instead focusses on being profitable in the long-run.

Should I conduct prior research to trade crypto?

You don’t need to put in any effort researching or learning about trading crypto. You can sit back and watch your account balance grow over the years!

What would be the minimum amount to invest?

There is no minimum amount required, but we advise to start with at least $1500 to have a reasonable ROI.

Do I need to be active sometimes or manage the bot?

Nope! You just need to install the bot, which is very easy with our online onboarding guide. All trades will be placed 100% automatically.